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"I am highly impressed with the information and facilities that are available at IMI for pre-sea & post-sea courses. I have discussed with the management the future plans for degree courses in Nautical and Engineering. The faculty and staff are a very dedicated lot & commitment is of high degree. I have no doubts that cadets & seafarers from IMI will do very well on board the ships that they sail on. My compliments and best wishes to the Management & officers who are doing very well indeed. Keep it up."

G.S. Sahni,IAS Director General of shipping & ex-officio Add. Sect. Govt. of India.

"I am indeed happy to visit IMI. I was looking forward to this visit for quite sometime. I am pleased to see the excellent facilities IMI has created. The vision & mission of the institue is good. I am sure with the new land & proposed self-sustained campus with so many new courses, the future of the Institute is bright. I wish the Principal, promoters, faculty, staff & students all the best & give luck. Keep it up."

Naresh Salecha Sr. DDG, DGS, Mumbai

"A NOTCH ABOVE THE REST. A marvelous experience, especially meeting your boys. Your Institute & the overall environment. Please keep it up."

PH Krishnan Dy. DG of Shipping.

"IMI has good infrastructure. I am happy to see the workshops of IMI. I am sure that students get good exposure at the Institute."

Gayatri Kansal IGNOU

"I'm very impressed this Institute. It's one of the guarantors for the progress of the maritime world definitely."

Peter Ikols, Crewing Manager, EGON OLDENDORFF Lubuck, Germany.

Very good range of facilities & development potential. Should be able to demonstrate high level competency outcomes in the students."

R. Gray, Program Manager, Maritime WA, Maritime Training Centre, Fiemantle Western Australia.

"Very impressed with the set up. May the Institute prosper in leaps and bounds and may the flag of Merchant Marine keep fluttering high with dignity."

Capt. L .B.Sharma

"Feeling as if I am back home after a long time. May my Institute become the topmost Nautical institute of the country."

CDT. Atul Gupta

"Really happy to see my Institute is booming & touching great heights. My heart felt congratulations to the institute & its staff."

CDT Sunny.C.Williams.