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Life at IMI

Boarding and Lodging

Residential Programme - Imi.edu.in

Imi Campus Swimming Pool

Imi Campus - Imi.edu.in

Being a fully residential programme lodging facilities for the cadets comprise of well designed rooms/dormitories with a night warden and one executive officer on duty to maintain discipline. Food served is of mixed cuisine to help the cadets get accustomed to various types of food preparations. The diet is well balanced and the food is wholesome.

Workshop and Laboratory


Workshop And Laboratory - Imi.edu.in

Workshops Nautical Cadets - Imi.edu.in

Well-designed and fully equipped Workshops are provided for engineering and nautical cadets. The workshops are equipped with lathe machines, shaping machines, etc., have been set up at Greater Noida, to impart in-house training to cadets in the use of various machines.


Ship Handling and Engine Simulators

Ship Handling And Engine Simulators - Imi.edu.in

The Nautical cadets are given hands on training for steering practice on the Bridge simulator besides functioning of Navigation equipment like Radar, Echo Sounder, Electronic Charts Display is demonstrated to supplement the theory with practical. Engine Simulator is used to simulate on-board scenarios and functioning of various ships machinery for Engineering.


IMI Library and Syllabus

A libary is a collection of source of information and similar resources, made accessible to a defined community us IMI maintains a well-equipped Library with technical books on all related subjects and a recreational Library with best sellers Text books are provided to the cadets which must be returned on completion of the course.



Uniform - Imi.edu.in

Uniform makes a person look like an officer, and the cadets have to start early. Cadets are supplied uniforms when they join IMI and are required to wear them at all times. Most companies require officers and cadets to wear uniform on board their ships, which is quite similar to the uniform used at IMI. Individual companies will inform their cadets about uniform requirements before they join their ships.



Time is allowed for recreation, which today is equally important for overall growth and is a part of the training. IMI offers facilities for games like table tennis, basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, indoor games, swimming.


Computer Lab

Computer Lab - Imi.edu.in

Imi Campus Computer Lab


Shore Leave

The cadets are permitted shore leave in the city to meet relatives, friends and have an outing on designated sundays and on certain public holidays. While on shore leave, cadets are expected to behave like officers. Consumption of tobacco, pan, cigarettes or guttka on the premises or during shore leave is strictly forbidden. Possession or use of alchoholic drinks, drugs or any other intoxicant is strictly prohibited during the entire training on campus or ashore. Consumption / Possession of any of the above shall make the cadets liable for removal from training.



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